Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miscellaneous cross stitch presents

These were Christmas and b-day presents from previous years for my dad, mom and bro.

This one does have my signature in the corner, I just added it after I had already framed it so it's not in the picture.

This was for my mom for her b-day.  The dark green of the grass is actually cotton perle thread, super duper cool looking, but a little hard to work with.  I like it because it adds a nice dimensional effect.

This was for my dad and it is a specially designed mug with the Aida cloth sitting between the two pieces of plastic that make up the mug.  It was a lot of fun to make, the design is my own design, influenced by a cross stitch I saw on Etsy and the TV show Firefly.

The two key chains were for my dad; the first one is supposed to be Broncos colors (Go Broncos! yaa?) and is from a kit I bought on Etsy and the second one is from a kit I bought on Ebay simply because it is called "wee hieland coo" and I couldn't resist!

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