Monday, January 19, 2015

Crush book (index page)

This is CTMH's version of the Smash book.  This is what really got me into scrapbooking and then mini albums and  now mixed media; it was my gateway drug, Lol!

This is my index page, it is on the inside cover and as I've added pages I've written down the page numbers and titles on the index card.  This was pretty easy to do, all I did was take a piece of paper from a 6-by-6 inch paper pad and affix it to the inside cover.  Then I jazzed it up with a punched-out border, a little envelope, washi tape, stamps and the index card.

This is just the same thing but with the piece of paper that is tucked inside the envelope pulled out to show the little shoes I stamped on there.

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