Monday, January 19, 2015

Crush book (pages 3 and 4)

This is a two-page spread with several flaps that open and close.  This was fun because I got to learn a bit about my home state (Colorado) but I had such limited space that I had to be choosy with the facts to put on the page.  So I put facts about Mile High Stadium, the Capitol building, Elitches, beer, the state nickname (The Centennial State) and Denver's Demon Horse.  I picked these ones for various reasons, either they meant something to me personally or I thought they were really interesting facts or I thought they were amusing, so they are kind of random.

This is the entire layout seen as you open the book.

This is the same thing but with all the little flaps open.


Closeup with flap open.  This page talks about Mile High Stadium, the Capitol Building and Elitches.

Second page closeup.

Same with flaps open.  This page talks about beer (yaa beer!), Colorado's nickname and Denver's Demon Horse (you know the big scary sculpture outside DIA [red eyes, dear God, WHY?!])

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